Climbing wall in the hallway

As a retreat for your cat

If you create retreats for your cat, it can fulfil several needs at once.

You can find out what they are in this article. We also show you how you can create a retreat for your cat in the hallway.

Why are retreats so important for cats?

Quality Time & Time Out

Cats love quality time with their humans. They enjoy playing together or extended cuddling & snuggling.

However, cats are just as happy to be on their own & take their time out.

It is important to offer them different opportunities to be able to fulfil their need for retreat, an Easter walk & privacy & to respect their desire for distance. During this time, they go about their personal hygiene or on an Easter egg hunt, relax, simply snooze in peace or take an undisturbed nap.

Instinct behaviour

Cats also retreat out of an innate need for safety and when they feel stressed. Potential dangers they want to avoid can be visitors, loud noises such as the hoover or other animals.

If cats do not have the opportunity to retreat and go to places where they feel safe & secure, this causes them great stress.


Requirements for a retreat

The retreats should therefore be designed so that cats are undisturbed and do not have to fear encounters with humans. Ideally, they should be easily accessible and spread across several rooms, be on different levels and/or in different temperature ranges of your home, and offer protection from draughts.

Checklist - Retreat

  • undisturbed
  • easily accessible
  • in several rooms
  • different dimensions
  • different temperature ranges
  • no draught

Over 3 bounces onto the cupboard & then over to the wall couch


3 bouncing logs are positioned stair-like to each other.

With 4 cat jumps, the cat gets onto a wardrobe - a nice example of how existing furniture can be integrated into a climbing wall and become a lookout post for your cat.

From the cupboard it goes over to the wall couch.

Since the wall couch is located in the upper room area, it is out of reach of children's & adults' hands - your cat can take an undisturbed time-out & celebrate Easter.

Cosy side effect on fresher days The warm air accumulates in the upper part of the room.

ATTENTION I If you are integrating inventory, please ensure that the landing areas and jumping-off points are non-slip or prepared accordingly.

Elements of the climbing wall

Bouncy trunk

Bridging aids, safe ascent & descent

Daniela with Mimi, Emil & Frieda // Now it's off to the top of the cupboard - the bouncy trunk was quickly attached, great workmanship. Emil was the bravest, poof...and he was on top of the cupboard. Everything is nicer from above...😻 \\

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Wall lounger

Retreat, sleeping & observation place

Susanne // Very beautiful and stylish - With the wall lounger, my cat finally has a place right next to the desk in the home office. It looks great, is stable and arrived very lovingly packaged. Many thanks to the Katzenart team! \\\

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