Modern cat furniture

individual, functional & stylish

Our cat furniture inspires with aclear design and high-quality workmanship.

Light wood, simple shapes and subtle sisal colours ensure that our cat furniture gives your home an extra dose of warmth and cosiness.

Highlights for you

Aesthetic design

We design our cat furniture with great attention to detail so that it fits the aesthetic demands of a modern living space.

To ensure that they can be integrated into your living style in the best way possible, you have many customisation options.

Protection for wallpaper, furniture, carpets and walls

A scratching furniture provides cats with an alternative scratching surface and can thus prevent them from sharpening their claws on furniture, carpets or other unwanted places. This prevents damage to furnishings


Space-saving solution

Our cat furniture is designed to be used optimally even in small rooms and not to encroach on your living space.

Easy assembly

Our cat furniture is easy to assemble and can be assembled or securely fastened with the help of the assembly accessories provided.

Sturdy construction

Our cat furniture is robust and sturdily constructed to ensure a comfortable experience.

They are designed to withstand intensive use.

Frontale Aufnahme eines Kratzbaums in Kombination mit zwei Hüpfstämmen in der Sisalfarbe sand, das Kletterwand trägt den Namen KATZENARTistik

Highlights for your cat

Cat furniture provides important balance especially in the everyday life of indoor cats & promotes motor skills, coordination and dexterity.

  • more movement & varied occupation
  • exciting possibilities for climbing & balancing
  • cosy observation & sleeping places
  • Viewpoints & retreats at different heights where your cat can be undisturbed & feel safe
  • Claw care

Keep your cat happy, healthy and active.


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