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Cliffhänger | KLETTER-KRATZSTAMM mit HÄNGEMATTE aus Sisal für Katzen - Kratzsäule 118cm, 148cm

Cliffhänger | KLETTER-KRATZSTAMM mit HÄNGEMATTE aus Sisal für Katzen - Kratzsäule 118cm, 148cm

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  • extra großer Wand-Abstand zum Klettern
  • stabile Konstruktion
  • hergestellt in Deutschland

Delivery time 3-4 weeks*

*We make our products to order & adjust the delivery time according to the order situation so as not to be late in delivery. 





We have added an attraction to our vertical racetrack - an integrated hammock.

Your cat gets a multifunctional occupation possibility - it can climb unrestrained and really let off steam on the trunk. In the integrated hammock, she can then comfortably dangle her paws & relax while hanging out and keep a perfect overview from the height.


• multifunctional - action, observation place, claw care for your cat

modern, minimalistic design

- individually configurable - 3 post & 2 hammock colors

- if required the post & the hammock can be exchanged

- made in Germany - high quality materials & workmanship

• Large distance between wall & post - your cat can also climb around the post

• Elevated retreat - cozy felt mat 


EXTREMELY STABLE - The construction & the chosen materials make our CLIFFHANGER extremely stable.

Maximum fun and romping around is program.

Skizze und Übersicht der Auswahlmöglichkeiten, die zur Anpassung des Kletter-Kratzstammes mit Hängematte zur Verfügung stehen.

You have VMANY CHOICES available to customize the climbing column to your cat's needs & the possibilities of your living space - so you can put together the perfect cat tree.


In the variant 'with wall mount' the scratching post is fixed to the wall via 2 contact points. Due to the double fixation with the wall, the construction is enormously stable.

You are very flexible because you can choose the distance of the post to the floor variable & thereby gain distance to climb.
Your cat can either jump from the ground to the trunk & shred upwards or it starts from the lower wall mount.

Detailaufnahme des unteren Wandhalters eines Kletter-Kratzstammes mit der Sisalfarbe anthrazit

Because we have chosen the distance with 24cm between wall & post large enough, your cat gets with the seat of the lower wall holder another level. The lower wall mount not only provides stable support but can also be used by your cat as a seat & launch pad to fly up.

Practical side effect - floor mopping & vacuuming is no problem, because no trunk is in the way.

The down-to-earth version convinces with its extremely minimalistic appearance. The design is reduced to the most necessary & thus fits even more discreetly into your living style.

Note - The floor-standing variant is designed for a solid, smooth floor. For a different (carpet) floor please contact us.

Our posts are angular and real eye-catchers.

For stability but also for optical reasons we manufacture our logs from one piece of wood - so the post is visually not interrupted by any connecting piece.

We encase the sturdy solid wood trunk with sisal carpet. The sisal carpet gives the cat tree a natural touch, is extremely robust and excellent "climbable".

A strip ensures that the sisal does not fray at the joints - this increases the longevity.

So that you can catch the mood of your living style, you can choose from 3 post colors

For PURE CLIMBING FUN, we deliberately do without intermediate levels in our scratching post - so your cat can jet up the vertical racetrack unchecked or just let himself hang stretched out and stretch.
We have designed our scratching posts so that the distance of the trunk to the wall with 24 cm is large enough so that your cat can also climb around the trunk or shred from the lower bracket.

By MOVING on the trunk, your cat can keep fit and exercise its muscles & incidentally pursue their claws care - all playfully and in their daily occupation at the scratching post. She can live out her natural behavior, dash up a 'tree trunk' and keep the OVERVIEW from an elevated position. 

When your cat has exhausted himself playing, it can be super comfortable RELAX from this cozy observation place . 

Detailbilder der Hängematte und der dekorativen Aussparung von oben und unten.

We use wool felt which is 100% pure new wool - with 3 mm thickness it is especially thick. At 3mm, our wool felt used is THICKER than conventional hammocks, making it more durable and stable

The raw material felt is characterized by many positive properties. It is heat and cold insulating, air permeable, dirt repellent, dimensionally stable and last but not least it is a renewable resource.

The wall part of the plateau protects the wall from discoloration. Your cat can lounge on the plateau & twirl around without fear of soiling the wall.

Eine Katze liegt auf der Hängematte und blickt in die Kamera.

Since getting up is sometimes easier than getting down, we recommend offering your cat aids for the descent, such as our HÜPFSTÄMME.

Frontale Aufnahme eines Kratzbaums mit Hängematte in Kombination mit zwei Hüpfstämmen in der Sisalfarbe sand, das Kletterwand trägt den Namen KATZENpARTy.

If you don't have any descent aids yet, we recommend the SET KATZENpARTy 

1 climbing-scratching post with hammock + 2 cat steps



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Hängematte für Katzen von vorne.

HAMMOCK €229.00


We use wood, so your cat gets a product that is as close as possible to its natural habitat.

Your cat gets a piece of nature for its home territory.

Detailaufnahme von Vollholzstangen und Multiplexplatten, die für die Fertigung der Kratzbäume verwendet werden.

In order to enjoy our products as long as possible, we use high quality birch multiplex plywood. This is manufactured in Finland according to strict sustainability principles.

The construction makes the material extremely robust, durable & dimensionally stable - so ideal for our cat furniture.

The white coated multiplex boards perfectly emphasize the restrained style of our cat furniture. The edges with their decorative pattern of the individual wood layers form a unique contrast to the white surfaces.
This is how our straightforward, minimalist design with its clear shapes really comes into its own. 

If you have any questions about our cat furniture, we are here to help!

Just write us an email or call us at  +49(0)151 61 58 8629.
We are very happy to read or hear from you!

Best regards from the 4 of us,
Kathrin, Mirko, Schneggi aka Miezi & little Violino ❤

Every single piece of wood goes through elaborate steps from woodworking to the noble finish to the finished assembly. You get a real piece of craftsmanship.

If you want to learn more about how your cat ree with hammock is made, visit our section Making


We recommend the assembly with 2 people.

For the assembly you need only a drill, a screwdriver, a spirit level & a ladder.

Anchors, screws, an Allen wrench, assembly instructions & drilling templates we supply you with.

The assembly set comes with dowels and screws suitable for solid/supporting walls made of concrete and solid stone.

Please make sure that the wall intended for mounting is sufficiently stable to bear the weight.

We use only high-quality and robust materials from selected suppliers, which meet even the highest cat requirements.


  • post edge lenght - 9 cm
  • wall bottom holder - W 15 cm x D 35 cm x H 25 cm
  • plateau - W 93 cm x D 44 cm x H 18 cm
  • Selection post length 118 cm : post length - 118 cm
  • Selection post length 148 cm : post length - 148 cm


  • Selection post length 118 cm : 147,6 cm
  • Selection post length 148 cm : : 177,6 cm


      • wood - white coated
      • post sisal carpet - sand, gray-brown, anthracite
      • wool felt mat - anthracite, light gray


      • Selection post length 118 cm :
      • Selection post length 148 cm :


      • birch multiplex plywood


        • high quality decor wax
        • harmless for humans and animals according to DIN EN71/3 safety for children's toys

            WOOL FELT MATS

              • 100% pure new wool
              • Woolmark wool seal
              • certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100
              • Care instructions - vacuum as needed, brush lightly or dab with a clean, damp cloth (do not rub); if felt gets wet, allow to dry slowly free; please do not put in washing machine or dryer

                  SISAL CARPET

                  • 100% Sisal
                  • Latex waffle backing


                    • Solid wood (spruce)

                      More information about production & material can be found here.

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                      Seit 2013 entwickeln & fertigen wir schöne & funktionale Produkte für Katzen.
                      2018 haben wir unsere Möbel der Katzenwelt vorgestellt & entwickeln seitdem mit Anspruch ganz viel Katzenliebe & kundenorientiert unsere KATZENARTikel, unseren Online-Shop & Brand-Store stetig weiter.
                      Wir entwerfen & produzieren selbst.
                      Wir stecken sehr viel Zeit & Energie in die Recherche und wählen unsere Materialien sehr sorgfältig aus, da uns Qualität besonders wichtig ist. Unsere zwei- & vierbeinigen KundInnen sollen perfekte, hochwertige & langlebige Produkte erhalten.


                      Wir fertigen unsere KATZENARTikel in liebevoller HANDARBEIT. 

                      Jedes einzelne Holzstück durchläuft aufwendige Arbeitsschritte von der Holzbearbeitung über das edle Finish bis zur fertigen Montage. Du bekommst ein echtes Stück Handwerk. 

                      Wenn Du mehr darüber erfahren möchtest, wie Dein Katzenmöbel entsteht, besuche unseren Bereich Herstellung .

                      Show-Room in Berlin

                      COME IN AND FIND (KATZEN)ART

                      Du möchtest die Katze(nmöbel) nicht im Sack kaufen?

                      In Berlin-Weißensee kannst Du Dir unsere Katzenmöbel anschauen & Dich von der Qualität der Verarbeitung & der verwendeten Materialien überzeugen.

                      Sehr gerne beraten wir Dich auch persönlich vor Ort.

                      Komm vorbei - wir freuen uns auf Dich!

                      Customer Reviews

                      Based on 12 reviews
                      Silvia Peter
                      Geniale Qualität

                      Der Kletterbaum ist sein Geld absolut wert. Geniale Qualität zieht sich bis zur letzten Schraube und Dübel durch. Und die Katzen lieben besonders die Hängematte.

                      Katja-Yvette Rutishauser
                      First class abhängen - Cliffhanger

                      Der Cliffhanger wird von unserem Kater Murphy sehr geliebt und mehrfach täglich zum relaxen und schlafen genutzt.

                      Dabei hängt er dann genau über unserem Sofa ab und das lieben wir auch. Kurzum ein wirklich sehr schönes und mit viel Liebe hergestelltes Katzenmöbel.

                      Valerie Adelsberger
                      Beste Katzenmöbel

                      Hochwertig, robust, wahrscheinlich sehr langlebig, sehen super aus, tiptop Montageanleitung und die Katze liebt sie -- Bestmöbel.


                      Sieht hübsch aus und sitz fest an der Wand. Dank Bohr Schablone super einfach zu installieren. Schrauben und Dübel sind auch dabei.

                      Our cat loves it!

                      We love the design and the quality and our cat has loved it since day one. It took a while for her to start climbing all the way to the top (we bought the 148cm) so she would jump from the sofa instead but after a few weeks she got the hang of it and she climbs without a problem.