Wie oft musstest Du Deinen Kratzbaum schon austauschen?

Bei uns bekommst Du Qualität, die bleibt!

7 Katzenleben sind zu kurz für zu lange Krallen

Wir bringen Krallen in Form.

Welcher Typ ist Deine Katze?


    Oops, where did you come up with the cupboard?

    Your cat regularly goes on an expedition through your home?
    In the process, she surprises you again and again with the places she can reach?

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    Cats like to have everything in view­

    Your cat likes to retreat up high to sleep, relax & watch and you are looking for a retreat?

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    Cats want to experience something­

    Your cat is a real whirlwind & loves to romp around? Would you like to offer your cat more variety & a chance to really let off steam?

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Individual advice & cat wall sketches

für einen perfekten Start ins Katzenabenteuer

for a perfect start to your cat adventure

The original since 2018

Climbing Scratching TrunkVOLLPFOSTEN

Developed for our home in 2014 - introduced to the cat world in 2018

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