Production & Materials


Made with love for cats in Berlin

We use only high quality, sturdy materials from selected suppliers that meet even the highest cat requirements.

TEAMWORK // Mirko makes our climbing scratching posts, wall loungers, bouncing posts & catwalks in our workshop in Berlin. Kathrin makes the sewing machine purr and makes our pillows & vaccination card covers. She also takes care of all the details around and within katzenart.



For our logs we use SOLID WOOD (FICHTE), which comes from sustainable forestry.

The use of solid wood makes our bouncy logs & climbing scratching posts extremely stable and durable.

The logs are tightly wrapped with a high quality sisal carpet. For this purpose, the edges are rounded and we mill a groove in the wood to fix the sisal carpet. The carpet is firmly fixed with a pollutant-free wood glue and a precisely fitting wooden strip.



SISAL CARPET (100% SISAL) not only gives our logs a special naturalness.

The sisal fiber is a very robust and insensitive natural fiber, which is used due to its resistance especially in stressed areas and rooms.

The robust properties & the noble appearance make the sisal carpet the optimal material for our climbing scratching posts & bouncy logs.



In order to enjoy our products as long as possible, we use high-quality birch multiplex plywood.

The white coated multiplex boards perfectly emphasize the restrained style of our cat furniture. The edges with their decorative pattern of the individual wood layers form a unique contrast to the white surfaces.
In this way, our straightforward, minimalist design with its clear forms comes into its own.

The structure and layer gluing make the material
 VERY ROBUST, DURABLE & DIMENSIONALLY STABLE - so ideal for our cat furniture.

The boards are manufactured in Finland according to strict sustainability principles. The Finnish birch wood used comes from sustainable forestry. Due to the high quality, the plates are also suitable for children's facilities and toys


Surface finishing

For the final finishing of the edges we use high-quality decorative wax, which is harmless for humans and animals (according to DIN EN 71.3 suitable for children's toys).

Nach vorher gehender Bearbeitung - Zuschnitt, Profilierung, mehrere Schleifdurchgänge - wird das Wachs sorgfältig in das Holz eingearbeitet.

After prior processing - cutting, profiling, several sanding passes - the wax is carefully worked into the wood. This also makes the edges RESISTANT TO DUST & MOISTURE.

The individual layers of wood remain visible and underline the timeless, minimalistic design of our cat furniture through the contrast with the white surface.

Robuste farbige Canvas Stoffe und flauschiger bunter Fleece


Fleece pillow

For our cozy pillows we use fluffy FLEECE FABRIC FROM ORGANIC COTTON. The GOTS certified fleece made of 100% cotton is a pure natural product - without the addition of synthetic fibers.
2 Velcro strips are sewn to the underside, via which the cushion is attached to the wall lounger. The Velcro is extremely tear-resistant and is made of 100% polyamide.
The cushion is padded with soft VOLUMENVLIES- 100% polyester, which is certified according to Ökotex Standard 100. The fleece is sewn to the fabrics so that it cannot slip.

Practical: The pillows can be machine washed at 30 ° C.


Wool felt pillows & mats

We use wool felt that is 100% pure new wool - with no added chemicals or recycled textiles, as documented by the well-known Woolmark Company seal. The wool felt comes from German production and is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

The raw material felt is characterized by many positive properties. Thus, it is heat and cold insulating, air-permeable, dirt-repellent, dimensionally stable and, last but not least, it is a renewable resource.

The wool felt cushion is padded with foam, which is certified according to Ökotex Standard 100. An important property of the material is its dimensional stability.

Via 2 Velcro strips (extremely tear-resistant, 100% polyamide) it is the attachment to the wall lounger.