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Mobile favourite place for your cat

With our ST(R)ANDMAT your cat gets a place where it can find peace & let its cat soul dangle.

The cosy hammock provides pure relaxation - the 78 cm long scratching post is ideal for grooming claws.

The place of use can be varied according to mood & need - as an exclusive cat place in the living room, near a window as an observation possibility, as a "cat side bed" in the bedroom or next to the desk in the home office.



• natural materials for your cat - wood, sisal or wool felt

• quality & durability due to solid wood trunks

• high quality multiplex from Scandinavia 

INDIVIDUAL • 3 sisal colours & 2 hammock colours to choose from

SUSTAINABLE • if required, trunk & mat can be exchanged

DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER from Berlin • high-quality, certified materials & elaborate, handcrafted processing

MODERN DESIGN restrained but expressive



Our posts are real eye-catchers.

As the trunk is made of solid wood and not cardboard, it is particularly robust & stable.

The sturdy solid wood trunk is covered with sisal carpet, which gives the cat tree a natural touch and an elegant look at the same time. The sisal fibre is a very robust and insensitive natural fibre. Due to its rough texture, it offers ideal resistance for the cat's claws.

We have developed a new elaborate trunk system for the stand cat tree. The aim of this is also to increase longevity and to avoid exposed joints in the carpet where it quickly frays.

So that you can capture the mood of your living style, you have the option of choosing from 3 subtle sisal colours - sand, grey-brown & anthracite.

We use wood so that your cat gets a product that is as close as possible to its natural habitat. Your cat gets a piece of nature for its home territory.

Detailaufnahme von Vollholzstangen und Multiplexplatten, die für die Fertigung der Kratzbäume verwendet werden.

To ensure that you can enjoy our products for as long as possible, we use high-quality birch multiplex plywood - manufactured in Finland according to strict sustainability principles.

The construction makes the material extremely robust, hard-wearing & dimensionally stable - so ideal for our cat furniture.

The multiplex panels perfectly emphasise the understated style of our cat furniture. The edges with their decorative pattern of the individual layers of wood form a unique contrast to the white surfaces.
In this way, our straight-lined, minimalist design with its clear forms comes into its own.

For the hammock we use wool felt, which is made of 100% pure new wool - certified according to Ökotex 100. With 3 mm, the felt used is particularly thick compared to conventional hammocks.

The raw material felt is characterised by many positive properties. It insulates against heat and cold, is air-permeable, dirt-repellent, keeps its shape and, last but not least, it is a renewable resource.

Wir verwenden nur hochwertige und robuste Materialien von ausgesuchten Lieferanten, die auch den höchsten Katzenansprüchen gerecht werden.


  • Stamm Kantenlänge - 9 cm
  • Stammlänge - 78 cm
  • Plateau unten - B 70  cm x T 55 cm x H 24 mm
  • Hängematte - B 71  cm x T 44 cm


82,5 cm


  • Holz - weiß beschichtet
  • Stamm Sisalteppich - sand, grau-braun, anthrazit
  • Wollfilz-Matte - anthrazit, hellgrau



  • Birke-Multiplexschichtholz


  • hochwertiges Dekorwachs
  • unbedenklich für Mensch und Tier nach DIN EN71/3 Sicherheit für Kinderspielzeug


  • 100% reine Schurwolle
  • Woolmark-Wollsiegel
  • zertifiziert nach Öko-Tex Standard 100
  • Pflegehinweis - nach Bedarf absaugen, leicht abbürsten oder mit einem sauberen, feuchten Tuch abtupfen (nicht reiben); falls der Filz nass wird, langsam frei trocknen lassen; bitte nicht in die Waschmaschine und nicht in den Trockner


  • 100% Bio-Baumwolle
  • Gewicht: 380 g/m²
  • Pflegehinweis - waschbar in der Maschine bei 40°C, bitte nicht in den Trockner geben


      • 100% Sisal
      • Latexwaffelrücken


      • Massivholz (Fichte)

      Weitere Informationen zu Herstellung & Material finden Sie hier.

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