Tipps - der perfekte Ort für Deinen Katzenturm

Tips - the perfect place for your cat tower

We recommend varying the location of the cat tower every now and then to offer your cat as much variety as possible & to find out together how she likes the use of her cat tower best.

If you place the cat tower near a window, your cat can comfortably watch what's happening outside from the front row. Especially for indoor cats, the view out of the window is very interesting & they are happy to have comfortable places to "watch cat TV".

Attention: Secure windows sufficiently! Never tilt - tilted windows are life-threatening for cats. They can suffer life-threatening injuries when trying to climb out.



Is your cat the type of "extremely sociable (work) colleague" and doesn't let you work properly in your home office? Then place the tower next to your desk/workstation. Your cat can be close to you & watch you from a perfect height without lying on your keyboard.

Cats are very curious. If they can't see a place, they will explore it - of course, what else?! So the cat can't always understand why jumping on the dining table should be taboo. If you are tired of constant discussions with your cat about visits to the dining table, why not try placing the cat tower close by so that your cat can see the "forbidden" place and satisfy its curiosity from a distance.

If your cat feels like retreating, place the tower in a place where she can find peace and quiet and where there is no constant commotion or people walking by. If she doesn't want to miss anything when guests visit, place the tower in your circle so she can be right in the middle of the action.





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