The modern cat climbing wall - that your cat will love!

for more movement and activity for your cat

Cats are curious - you too?

We show you how the perfect cat climbing wall can look like.

Your cat gets a great opportunity to pursue their basic needs extensively - it can extend its living space in the height & its housing district on different levels roam.

SIMONE & JUDITH with EMIL & OSKAR // Cat scratching paradise Our cats love the composition. The quality is very high and does not wear out even after prolonged use. The customer service is really second to none! Thank you so much! We will definitely buy something again! //



A cat climbing wall consists of various elements such as scratching posts, cat steps, wall boards and catwalks.

Es werden Beispiele von Kletterwand Sets gezeigt. Die Sets sind an Wänden und über Ecken montiert & bestehen aus unterschiedlichen Kletterelementen

So your cat gets different areas to romp, rest & retreat.

The elements can be individually mounted and combined. So you can create a climbing wall that is tailored to the very personal preferences of your cat and can be supplemented at any time.

Highlights for your cat

    • • species-appropriate movement & varied activity

    • • exciting possibilities for climbing & balancing

    • • cozy observation & sleeping places

    • • viewpoints & retreats at different heights

    • • claw care

    All this provides important balance especially in the everyday life of apartment cats and promotes motor skills, coordination and dexterity. The active training can prevent overweight and strengthen the muscles..

individual, functional & stylish

Gegenüberstellung der beiden Varianten des Kratzbaums mit Hängematte für Katzen. Der Name des Produkts ist CLIFFHÄNGER.

As individual as your cat and your home, is also your climbing wall

Due to the wall mounting a climbing wall is very space-saving and is therefore also ideal for small apartments & rooms.

Thanks to numerous choices you can customize your climbing wall to your interior style & your taste.

Highlights for you

    • • stylish design - can be discreetly integrated into your living spaces

    • • made in Berlin with a lot of love for cats - high quality materials & workmanship
      • • individually configurable - large color selection & customization options

Climbing adventure for cats

2 Katzen spielen gemeinsam auf ihrer Katzenkletterwand. Die Katzenwand besteht aus einem Wandkratzbaum und 2 Katzenstufen. Das Kletterwand Set befindet sich in einem modern eingerichteten Wohnzimmer. Der Katzenspielplatz fügt sich gut in die Einrichtung.

With our climbing scratching posts your cat will have a place to play and groom its claws.

By moving around on the tree, she can keep fit and exercise her muscles. She can act out her natural behavior , dash up a 'tree trunk' and keep an overview from an elevated position.

And when she has exhausted herself playing, it is super comfortable to relax on the padded platform or in the hammock.

Darstellung einer Hängematte für Katzen von vorne und eine Detailaufnahme einer sich ausruhenden Katze auf der grauen Hängematte.

Cats sleep up to 16 hours a day - then please also cozy!

Our wall boards & hammocks are not only suitable for a nap. Elevated, your cat also gets a retreat & vantage point to observe the hustle and bustle comfortably & protected from above..

Die drei Sisalfarben, die die Kletterstufen gewählt werden können werden im Detail gezeigt, sand, anthrazit und grau-braun.

With our cat stepsyour cat can now jump up the walls and discover completely new corners in your apartment.

The use is versatile and so you are completely flexible in the design of your climbing wall.

You can connect the individual elements with each other and offer your cat safe ascending and descending aids for its climbing wall - it also gets additional scratching areas and observation places.

Darstellung einer Katzenkletterwand aus Kratzbaum, Hüpfstämme und Catwalk. Daneben wird eine Detailaufnahme der Laufbretter gezeigt.

You have unused corners in your living spaces? We had too.

Why not make it fun for your cat? The design makes our running board system a real eyeCATcher on your walls.

Your cat gets its own catwalk and can strut in lofty heights, run over you and show who is the most beautiful cat of all.