Scratching furniture


Enjoyable stretching & claw care promote well-being and relaxation

Highlights for you & your cat

  • INDIVIDUAL  3 sisal colors to choose from
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY high quality mounting material included
  • SUSTAINABLE  if necessary, all wearing parts can be replaced very easily
  • NATURAL MATERIALS  Solid wood, birch multiplex from Scandinavia, sisal, cotton & wool felt
  • MADE IN BERLIN  High quality materials & workmanship
  • MODERN DESIGN  reserved but expressive
  • STABLE CONSTRUCTION  Withstands intensive use

Cat Knowledge - Why do cats sharpen their claws?

Claw Care & Territory Marking

Your cat sharpens its claws to keep them in shape - when claws are sharpened they are cleaned and sharpened. Worn horny sleeves are stripped off.

When sharpening its claws, your cat will also leave messages such as Attention! Here I am! Scents are released via the paw pads when scratching.

Attention! Here I am! 

In nature, vertical objects such as tree trunks are often used for territory marking. In doing so, cats stretch as far as possible to leave their tracks at the top above other markings.

Therefore, the scratching post should be placed at a sufficient height.

Stretching exercises

With the option for stretching exercises, your cat can also loosen up its bones and muscles.

Enjoyable stretching & claw care promote well-being and relaxation


Even free-rangers need scratching opportunities within their living quarters so that they can mark their home territory and if they prefer to stay at home in dirty weather, for example, they still have a way to groom their claws.


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