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kratzFEST | sisal cats SCRATCHING BOARD for the wall - white

kratzFEST | sisal cats SCRATCHING BOARD for the wall - white

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Win-Win: Your furniture stay sharp & your cat's claws too

With our scratching boards, your cat can live out their natural behavior without leaving scratch marks on wallpaper and your furniture.

By wall mounting, our scratching boards require little space and score with their restrained design.

For apartments with corners & edges, there is also a variant for wall corners 


  • 26cm x 62cm  with generous scratching surface
  • INDIVIDUAL  3 sisal colors to choose from
  • EASY ASSEMBLY  high quality mounting material included
  • SUSTAINABLE  the scratching surface can be easily replaced if necessary
  • NATURAL MATERIALS  wood (multiplex from Scandinavia) & sisal
  • DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER  high quality materials & workmanship
  • MODERN DESIGN  restrained but expressive
  • STABLE CONSTRUCTION  withstands intensive use

HANDY  To increase longevity there are no open cut edges where the carpet could fray very quickly, as most cats get a kick out of picking around just there.

At the sides the carpet is folded over and the wall strips are designed so that the edges at the top and bottom are covered by them.


Choose a room where your cat spends a lot of time.

If your cat already has other scratching furniture, choose a room where there is no scratching opportunity.

A good place for the scratching board is a place where your cat often walks by, for example near sleeping or feeding areas.

If your cat likes to scratch furniture, place it near that furniture. If your cat sharpens its claws on a certain place of a wall, it is recommended to hang the board there.


Pleasurable stretching and claw care promote well-being and relaxation

The height of the scratching board varies from cat to cat and depends on size, age and mobility. In order for your cat to be able to do its scratching, the scratching board should be placed at a sufficient height. The height of the scratching board should allow your cat to fully stretch out without pawing over the top. The possibility for stretching exercises will also allow your cat to loosen its bones and muscles.

Aesthetic design for your home

We design our scratching boards with great attention to detail so that they fit the aesthetic demands of a modern living space.

You can choose from several sisal colors so that they can be integrated into your living style in the best possible way.

Protection for wallpaper, furniture, carpets and walls

A scratching board provides cats with an alternative scratching surface and can thus prevent them from sharpening their claws on furniture, carpets or other unwanted places. This prevents damage to furnishings.

Space saving solution 

Our scratching boards are designed to be used to their full potential even in small spaces and not to encroach on your living space.

Compared to large scratching posts, scratching boards take up virtually no space. They can be attached to walls or corners, making them ideal for households with limited space. You can place it inconspicuously or deliberately add a visual highlight to your decorating style with the stylish wall element.





Large scratching area for claw care

The scratching boards have generous scratching surfaces made of sisal, a natural and robust material that is ideal for maintaining your cat's claws. The rough surface allows your cat to sharpen and sharpen their claws.

The large scratching surfaces allow cats to intensively pursue their claws.

Stable construction

Our scratching boards are sturdy and solidly constructed to ensure a comfortable and safe scratching experience.
They are designed to withstand an intense scratching session. Your cat can really let loose while sharpening his claws.

Stress relief for cats

Scratching on a scratching board allows cats to relieve stress.
Scratching releases endorphins that can lead to a feeling of relaxation and well-being.
This is especially important for cats that are kept indoors and may have fewer opportunities to act out their natural instincts.

Strengthening the musculature

Scratching on a scratching board requires physical activity and strengthens the cat's muscles, especially in the legs and shoulders.
This can help improve the fitness and mobility of the cat.

Claw care & territory marking

Your cat sharpens its claws to keep them in shape and to control the length of the claws - when sharpening the claws, they are cleaned and sharpened. Worn horn sleeves are stripped off.
When sharpening its claws, your cat also leaves messages such as "Attention! Here I am! Scents are emitted through the paw pads while scratching.

In nature, vertical objects, such as tree trunks, are often used for territory marking. Cats will stretch as far as possible to leave their mark on top of other markings.

By scratching on a scratching board, they can leave their scent and mark their territory. This helps create a sense of security and their own space.

Even cats that can get out need scratching opportunities within their living quarters, so that they can mark their home territory and if, for example, they prefer to stay at home in foul weather, still have a way to pursue their claw care.

Mount bracket, insert & fix sisal element - scratch away!

For the assembly you only need a drill, a screwdriver & a spirit level.
We supply dowels & screws.
The assembly set includes dowels and screws that are suitable for solid/load-bearing walls made of concrete and solid stone.

W 26 cm  x D 1,8 cm x H 62 cm

scratching surface - W 25 cm x D 1,5 cm x H 52 cm

approx 800g

We use only high-quality and robust materials from selected suppliers, which meet even the highest cat demands. We manufacture our scratching boards ourselves in our manufactory in Berlin.


- Birch multiplex plywoodEDGE FINISHING
- high quality decorative wax
- harmless for humans and animals according to DIN EN71/3 safety for children's toys


- 100% sisal (sand, gray-brown, anthracite)

    More information about production & material can be found here.

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