Wir bringen Krallen in Form

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7 Katzenleben sind zu kurz für zu lange Krallen


für die Wand oder Wandecken

Stylish & functional accessory for cats

Kratzt Deine Katze gerne an Tapeten, Möbeln, Teppichen oder reibt sich an Wandecken, was zu Verschmutzungen führt?

Does your cat like to scratch wallpaper, furniture, carpets or rub against wall corners, causing soiling?

Then you've come to the right place!

Our scratching boards provide cats with an alternative scratching surface and can prevent damage to furnishings or other unwanted areas.

  • 3 sisal colors

    The scratching surfaces can be easily replaced.

  • Long life

    No open cut edges where the carpet could fray very quickly.

  • expandable

    Multiple scraper surfaces can be connected via a connecting element.

  • Assembly material

    high quality mounting material included

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Das Kralliküre-Studio für Deine Katze

Your cat gets an alternative scratching surface - this can prevent damage to furnishings.

Corner scratching board : 3-dimensional scratching experience

For apartments with corners & edges, we have thought around the corner and developed a variant for wall corners.

Functionality meets aesthetics

Our scratching boards inspire with a clear design as well as high-quality workmanship

Light wood, simple shapes and subtle sisal colours ensure that the scratching boards add an extra dose of warmth and cosiness to your home.

Highlights for you

Aesthetic design

We design our scratching boards with great attention to detail so that they fit the aesthetic demands of a modern living space.

Protection for wallpaper, furniture, carpets and walls

A scratching board provides cats with an alternative scratching surface and can thus prevent them from sharpening their claws on furniture, carpets or other unwanted places. This prevents damage to furnishings


Space-saving solution

Our scratching posts are designed to make the most of small spaces and not encroach on your living space.

Compared to large scratching posts, scratching posts take up less space. They can be attached to walls or corners, making them ideal for households with limited space.

Easy assembly

The scratching boards are easy to assemble and can be securely fastened using the mounting accessories provided.

For the assembly you need only a drill, a screwdriver & a spirit level.

High-quality dowels, screws & assembly instructions we supply with.


Highlights for your cat

Scratching surface

The scratching boards have generous scratching surfaces made of sisal, a natural and robust material that is ideal for grooming the cat's claws. The rough surface allows the cat to sharpen and sharpen its claws.

Stable construction

Our scratching boards are sturdy and solidly constructed to ensure a comfortable scratching experience.

They are designed to withstand intense scratching


Claw care

Scratching boards allow cats to sharpen and maintain their claws naturally.

Regular scratching helps to remove worn-out claws and control claw length.

Territorial marking

Cats mark their territory by scratching.

By scratching on a scratching board, they can leave their scent and mark their territory. This helps to create a sense of security and space of their own.

Stress reduction

Scratching on a scratching board allows cats to relieve stress.

Scratching releases endorphins that can lead to a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

This is especially important for cats that are kept indoors and may have fewer opportunities to act out their natural instincts.

Strengthening the musculature

Scratching on a scratching board requires physical activity and strengthens the cat's muscles, especially in the legs and shoulders.

This can help to improve the cat's fitness and mobility.

Claw Care & Territory Marking

Even free-rangers need scratching opportunities within their living spaces to be able to pursue their claw care, for example if they prefer to stay at home in dirty weather.