Individual advice & cat wall sketches

for a perfect start to your cat adventure

Individual advice on the phone

Can't you see the climbing wall for all the cat furniture?

If you have any questions about our cat furniture, we're happy to help!

We're happy to help you find the cat furniture that perfectly suits your cat's needs & your home.

We'll give you free advice on what to look for & tips on designing a cat wall.

Visualisation - Cat Wall

h3>Would you like to create a cat wall for your cat?

But do you feel overwhelmed by the choice of suitable elements & would like support in designing your cat wall?

Then you've come to the right place!

We will be happy to visualise cat wall examples for you so that you can better imagine the end product. To do this, we only need dimensions (pictures if necessary) of the area you have planned for your cat wall. Depending upon the extent of the cat wall we compute for the production of the visualization examples a service fee.

The service fee will be offset against a subsequent order and is thus waived and the service is free of charge.

Simply write us an e-mail or call us on +49(0) 176 - 4 1818 695 and we can discuss how to proceed.

Fanny & Sophie & Personal ;-) // Everything fine! ...from the super nice contact to the advice to the quality - everything is great! The climbing furniture is designed with love, sustainable and really very stable. They are also very beautiful and an enrichment in this respect. We also took the lounger and "chocolate biscuits" with the set, because we don't just do gymnastics, we also doze at the right time. And we would do it again at any time! //