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RITA // THERE IS NOTHING BETTER! LOVE IT Every euro is worth spending on this. Unbeatable quality, fantastic design and super robust. Our two cats love it. I will definitely buy a few more elements in the next few years. I am thrilled and in love! //

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This is katzenart

EXCLUSIVE - only with katzenart - two-coloured posts

  • Natural materials for your cat - wood, sisal & wool felt
  • Quality & durability through solid wood logs
  • High-quality multiplex from Scandinavia 

INDIVIDUAL • Large colour selection & customisation options


MODERN DESIGN • reserved but expressive

Discover the world of exclusive cat furniture


Our high-quality cat furniture is not only functional, but also a real eye-catcher in your home.

Handmade and first class

Our cat furniture is designed with great attention to detail and handcrafted from premium materials to ensure the highest quality and durability.

We combine appealing design with the highest quality.

From elegant scratching posts to cosy sleeping areas and stylish retreats, we offer a wide range of products to suit your cat's needs.

Stylish and functional - our cat furniture is an eye-catcher in your home!

With its appealing design, our cat furniture fits seamlessly into your interior and creates a harmonious environment for both humans and animals.

Focus on safety and fun - Sturdy construction for adventurous cats

In addition, we place great emphasis on the safety of your cat. Our furniture is sturdy and robustly constructed to ensure safe climbing and play - your cat can romp around to his heart's content.

Whether wild climbing adventures or relaxed resting - our furniture is suitable for every cat personality.

Find out which cat furniture suits your cat

Highlights for your cat

  • Species-appropriate exercise & varied occupation

  • exciting possibilities for climbing & balancing

  • cosy observation & sleeping places

  • Viewpoints & retreats at different heights

  • Claw care