Collection: cat products

cats want to go high

Height & company - bring the cat soul to dangle

Cats are sociable and prefer to stay where their humans are.


Space-saving, combinable & expandable

However, there is often insufficient space in the living quarters for a
species-appropriate CAT PLAY PLACE.
Due to the wall mounting, our products are space-saving and are therefore also ideal for smaller living spaces.

With our cat products you can extend the limited housing area of your cat & make it possible for it, their home on different levels to roam.



We have chosen a simple, linear design that can be decently integrated into your home.

You've certainly given a lot of thought to making your home homey & cozy and adding a personal touch.
So that you can catch the mood of your living style with our cat furniture,
you have the option to choose from different trunk & cushion color combinations.

We are happy to show you how we offer cats a varied everyday life with a feel-good factor.

In the midst of us - their humans.